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A new, international independent magazine about the culture of South Asia – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan – and the region's global diaspora



Clove is an international magazine dedicated to the culture of South Asia – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Published twice a year, it explores the forces shaping this rapidly changing region and its relationship to the world – from art, music, film, fashion, architecture, design and literature to social, political, technological and culinary movements.

With world-class writing and photography, Clove sheds light on a region that is swiftly growing in influence – one that is home to almost a quarter of the world’s population and linked to a vast global diaspora of tens of millions.

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Founder and editor-in-chief Debika Ray
Assistant editor Agnish Ray


Art director Simon Kühn
Design consultant Anja Wohlstrom


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Clove is produced by a team of creative professionals with experience at globally respected magazines and newspapers, leading communications and design agencies, and top commercial organisations. The London-based core team draws on the talents of regional specialists dotted across South Asia and the wider world.

We can bring our unique perspective and diverse experience to your publishing initiative or event, taking on projects from start to finish and customising our approach to your business or organisation’s exact requirements

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