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Clove 01: Spring & Summer 2018

It is when different people, cultures and viewpoints meet, mingle and evolve that compelling stories are born. In the first issue of Clove we turn a lens on some of those stories. While musician Zohaib Kazi challenged his metropolitan bias during an epic journey through rural Pakistan, photographer Juergen Teller and writer Shumi Bose exchanged views on India and art. While the ancient food cultures of the Himalayas are adapting to unlikely new contexts, a convergence of international and local forces are shaping Bangladesh’s architectural landscape. We invite you to sink your teeth into a diverse range of tales from the vast subcontinent of South Asia and beyond.

— Debika Ray, founder and editor-in-chief


Nepal in the studio
Bangladeshi modernist architecture
Juergen Teller in Kolkata
Parcels of flavour from the Himalayas
Seetal Solanki traces her roots
Evolution of the sari
William Dalrymple on colonial history
Pakistan’s first trans model
Kashmir in bloom
Alcoholic alchemy with Ryan Chetiyawardana
The novels of Arundhati Roy
Fashion and development with Bibi Russell
Pondicherry through the lens
An ode to tea

Clove 01
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