Friday playlist: Bipul Chettri prepares for international tour

Bipul Chettri

Singing in his mothertongue Nepali, the musician – who will perform in the UK and Australia this summer – has won fans across the world with his blend of folk music and rock

Today we've been listening to the tunes of Nepali-Indian singer, guitarist and songwriter Bipul Chettri, who will be performing this month at the Joon Festival at London's Wembley Arena – alongside three other bands from Nepal – before touring across Australia in August.

Singing mostly in his mother-tongue, he asserts that “music is a universal language” – “There are fans who’ve come up to me and told me that they love my music, even if they don’t understand the lyrics.”  Seamlessly blending traditional folk sounds with contemporary rock, his songs have a nostalgic quality, recalling the mist and greenery of the hills he grew up in. Born and raised in the Kalimpong, West Bengal – 1,250m above sea-level – he now lives and teaches in Delhi.

Above are the video for his recent singles, Wildfire and Basant. Watch more on his YouTube channel or on the Spotify playlist below, and read more more about Chettri in this interview with the Daily Pao from last year